Victory Brewing Company

Founded in 1996 in Downingtown, PA, Victory Brewing Company takes great pride in bringing fun twists to classic craft styles — and in bringing people together for flavor-fueled fun. 

One of the original top names in craft brewing, Victory is widely recognized on the national beer scene for its flagship offerings such as Golden Monkey Belgian-Style Tripel, Sour Monkey Sour Tripel, DirtWolf DIPA and Prima Pils German-Style Pilsner—but the brand’s dedication to its craft doesn’t stop there. By no means bound to any single lane or style, Victory boasts a robust range of easy-drinking offerings that include hop-forward IPAs and pale ales, blondes, lagers, wheats, stouts, sours and more. The brewery has also claimed a long list of awards for its beers, with a trio of Great American Beer Festival medals—including two gold medals—among them. 

Adding touches of curiosity, creativity and worldly inspiration to its craft, Victory is serious about producing interesting, delicious and high-quality beers—but not too serious to have a good time, or to go to great lengths to ensure that those enjoying its craft creations do, too. Part of the brand’s philosophy: No matter what, it’s okay to be a little quirky … as long as you’re drinking great beer, laughing and having a good time with others while doing it. People, innovation and experiences have led to Victory’s long list of industry achievements so far, and after 26+ years, the company intends to “brew forward,” leaning into those same drivers of success for the next quarter-century and beyond.

Representing a significant aspect of its company culture, Victory also strives to keep a pulse on what matters—both in the brewing world and in the world around it. As a result, the brewery has joined in a number of initiatives geared toward making the world a better place. Among them, Victory participated in local efforts to raise funds for COVID relief in its area, joined in a collaboration to produce a porter called Black Is Beautiful that raised funds and awareness for racial-justice initiatives, and to celebrate its 25th anniversary, created the “Brotherly Love Community Fund” and the accompanying Brotherly Love Hazy IPA to support organizations driving positive change in their communities.

Victory is rooted in the belief that beer should be as fun to craft as it is to drink, which was a big driver of its decision to join Artisanal Brewing Ventures in 2016. By enabling Victory’s staff to realize operational efficiencies via a shared (and substantially larger) team of administrators, marketers, accountants and other business-focused personnel, the decision to join the collective enabled Victory’s team members to devote their focus to what they do best: creating high-quality beers, each with a unique story to tell.

With 26 years under its belt so far, Victory looks forward to many more decades of producing delicious and creative brews that evoke interesting conversation … and lifelong friendships. Whether you’re from near or far, are a new friend or a longtime supporter, or prefer Hazy IPAs, Sours, Pilsners or Porters, we hope you revel in the taste of Victory. Cheers!